Is managing your Etsy store stealing time away from your creative life?

Would you like to have that time back to do what you love and what keeps you in the artist lifestyle?

Are you maximizing the potential of your Etsy store with all the resources available to you? Even the resources most people aren’t aware of?

Take back the time you need to get back into the studio or workshop creating  your art and handmades.  You will be amazed at how much more productive you can be without the constant interruption to your creative thinking by the day to day reality of business managment.

You’ll still keep in touch with your clients and friends on Etsy.  After all, you are the expert on your work and the reason your buyers want your work, but the time consuming labor of keeping your store optimized and in the eye of the buyers will fall to us giving you back the time to do what you love.

Plenty of Etsy store owners feel the same way as you.  They love what they do.  It’s an important part of their lives and who they are.  If only they didn’t have to take time out their creative lives to constantly update, renew, upload photos, market, manage, research, and keep up with the race to succeed and survive on an Etsy store.  We handle the marketing campaign that will drive traffic to your Etsy store as well.

Get back your life and get back into the studio with the confidence that your Etsy store potential is optimized everyday and that your work is right up front where the buyers will see it.

Don’t work half your life away.  Get your creative life back today!

Call us, we’re your Etsy Allies helping you live the way you want to live!

Consultation is always FREE!

Call us at 740-424-2982 or e-mail us at etsyallies@hotmail.com


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