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Frustrated with running your business? Feeling doubtful or broken down? How do you stay commited and on track – honing the craft of running a small business?  John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing compares running a commitment filled business to honing a craft in this must read blog post.
Drawing Lab workshop Did you miss Carla Sonheim’s live drawing how-to? Not to worry! Take a break from your usual day-to-day activities and loosen up those free drawing skills and view it online right here
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Guide To Twitter: Rethink Everything

I caught this question in the Etsy Success Forums, “I thought tweeting your listings was a good way to market oneself?” In short, the answer to this would be “No.”  Actually, with each item listing tweet, you could be losing Twitter-cred. The very best resource for Etsy sellers curious about using Twitter effectively, is this guide by another seller, CopperLeafStudios

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