about us

Etsy Allies is in business to help you live the way you want to live. 

We know how valuable time is for creative people.  We also know that running your Etsy store takes up a lot of that time when you could be working in your studio or workshop on the items your customers can’t wait to get their hands on.

What if you could use the time you spend on your Etsy store doing more of what you love to do everyday.  That would give you the time to produce a higher volume of your pieces and/or allow you a higher rate of completion on each piece so you can list on you store more frequently.  You know what that means, more SALES on your Etsy store.

In todays fast and growing business world, everybody needs allies who are not only able but who genuinely want to help you increase traffic to your Etsy store, help grow a larger buyer community for your brand, and raise sales for your store.  After all, your success is our success too.

At Esy Allies, we use all the economically friendly tools available to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your Etsy store so that the cost is low for you and your brand is at the head of the line where not only your existing costomers can see your handmade work but new customers will find you with ease. 

In short, we do it your way with a lot of great advice on how to improve your business.

If you need more time to do what you love and what keeps you in business doing what you love, we’re your Etsy Allies.

Your business matters to us, let’s talk about your creativity and giving you more time to do it.

We’re your Etsy Allies helping you live the way you want to live!


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