How will Etsy Allies change my Esty store?

Increased viewing of your store, more consistent updating of your store creating front of the line availability for your customers, and increased sales.  Imagine if there were two of you; one to work in your studio or shop while the other photographs, photoshops, uploads, and renews items at the same time instead of trying to squeeze at all into one day before the day is gone.  With Etsy Allies, now there are two of you working with you to guarantee daily updates and renewal, as well as promotion on Faceboook and Twitter to drive customers to your store while you continue uninterrupted with more time working in the studio on the items that make your store unique from all the others.

Will I lose touch with my customers and friends if Etsy Allies is handling my Etsy Forum, Facebook, and Twitter campaigns?

Absolutely not! Continue with Etsy Forum, Facebook, and Twitter at your own speed and at times of your own choosing; and on a more social capacity.  From now on, there’s no rush.  Etsy Allies will operate on Etsy Forum, Facebook, and Twitter for your brand as well, but on a purely marketing level that apprises your customer community of the exciting new products and events in your Etsy store while you get to know your customers and they get to know and trust you. Plus, your friends on the social media sited will realize how professional your business runs by how your brand is presented to the world.

How much time will I get back and why is it so important to my Etsy store?

The amount of time you will gain with Etsy Allies is the time you spend with task oriented chores that most people consider tedious and monotonous, but have to be performed to complete your Etsy store.  Consider how much time you spend in photoshop and the additional time it would take if you mastered all the tools in photoshop. It takes some people hours a day to complete a half-dozen photos before they’re ready to upload to your store.  Also, consider how much time goes by when completing an item template for upload to your store, let alone a dozen per day.  Those two bulk tasks take most people an entire work day.  A dozen items might seem like a lot of product to produce and upload to your store each day, but that is what happens when you have that time in a day to work uninterrupted doing what is that you love to do.


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