Community Advice: Tagging Woes

Community Advice: Tagging Woes

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Published on Apr 18, 2011 in Seller Handbook

Photo by Oldies But Goodies

Today I was browsing the Etsy Success Team forum and I saw a thread titled “Tags are the bane of my existence.” I thought, surely I can help. The seller who started this thread, Ecobota, sells dried and pressed botanical art. What category should this work go in and what tags should she use to get people finding her work? 

Most of the tips I share have been picked up from an Etsy teammate (a big thank you goes out to MICE and EtsyMetal for rockin’ my socks back in the day), from chatting with other successful sellers online and at events, or from one of my crafty coworkers. I put a lot of this advice to use when I ran my full-time biz, and I saw what worked and what didn’t. And now, as Etsy’s Seller Education coordinator, I keep my eye on your shops and see how you grow. Now let’s get down to business and help Ecobota.

Botanical Art from Ecobata.

Before I had a chance to strike a single key, AndersonBraid responded with a few thoughtful and intuitive tips: 

“Definitely [the] ART [category].  

“I stopped relying on Google Analytics to see what keywords people were using to get to me. Now I use Craftopolis. Craftopolis will tell you exactly which of your tags brought in the views. 

“For keyword/tag selection, try Google Adwords. Check out this informative video post by Everything Etsy blog to see how it works. It’s a bit long, but very helpful. 

“Etsy also puts out a monthly merchandising report that’s great for trend and keyword ideas. There are a few April trends that would apply to your work. Here’s this month’s [report]

“Another place I look for commonly used keywords is on the Treasury page. There is a list on the right hand side of the page with popular keywords/tags.

“Good luck!”

There you have it. Great (and succinct) advice from a fellow seller given on the same evening the call for help was posted. Gotta love our community!

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