why Etsy Allies?

It’s all about time, consistency, and quality; and having business allies you can count on.

Etsy Allies is a firm commited to optimizing the resources available and using them together to create an ongoing campaign to market your Etsy store while updating and refreshing your store on a daily basis for better search engine recognition and front page viewing on Etsy for easier customer connectivity and aquisition.

In short, getting your store and brand where your existing customer community will remain loyal regular customers and making your brand accessible to new customers creating growing interest and expanding your client community with consistently new information and exiting product promotion.

Your time will be better served in the creation process, producing more of your desired items (product) therefore growing your product list for better variety and more frequent sales within your following community.

You get that time from outsourcing the time consuming labor to experienced specialists in the Etsy forum while you handle the communication and personal representation of your brand and your store, i.e. you stay connected to your customers while tasking is handled in the meantime in a (B2B) business to business relationship with your Esty Allies.

Our professionals work with Etsy to update your store with new and exciting info, list products during the “hotspots”, peak sales periods in the day, renew and relist products during the “hotspots”, as well as promotion on Etsy and social media networks to drive traffic to your store; leaving you with the fun part of running your store, keeping in touch with your customers and represtenting your work.  After all, you and your product are your store and nobody knows your work and your customers better than you. 

But, what if you had the time to work in your studio or shop full-time and network with your growing community with business allies who have the success of your Etsy store first and foremost in mind and application alongside your ambitions.

In todays business world, everybody needs allies they can count on to reach there goals and nobody has to go it alone in the busy and changing world of sales and promotion.

If you’re ready to boost traffic to your Etsy store, build your customer community, and acheive a higher and more consistent rate of sales, while having more time in the studio, than we’re your Etsy Allies.

Your success is our success, so let’s build your business to success together.

Etsy Allies…helping creative people live the way they want to live!


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